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Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by leekwantew View Post
Bro nono after reading through your guides I have some questions, Noob here planning to go 2D1N or 3D2N to Batam and book overnight
If you are planning for 2d1n,avoid over planning. If you are planning for 3d2n,then plan a little more but divide your total itinerary up so that things wont turn out to become a rushing mode.

Example :

Daytime,go shopping for girls before 2pm but have them delivered to your hotel by 5pm-6pm. After which when you still have some time to spare,go explore around like shopping Mall or massage plus lunch/tea break. Avoid planning shopping and massage together. This example is just a draft,not asking you to do the same as there are always other things to do. It really depend on what you are looking for.

Batam pace is slower than Sillypore. What you can do in 10 mins in Sillypore may take 30 mins to complete. Example, hailing a taxi.

Originally Posted by leekwantew View Post
1) I remember reading somewhere that Bluebird is the best taxi svc as they are supposed to be professional. Do you recommend a newbie take them or try to bargain with those other taxis?
The taxi info is here for your reference :

I do not recommend anything for anyone becos of the meat and poison theory. In fact since you have a choice of both (suggested by yourself above),why not try them all and see which one fits you most? The most suitable is always the best.

Be reminded that if you stay in Formosa Hotel,and if you book via their hotel website or email,you can also request them to go to Ferry Terminal to pick you up and then at the end of your trip,send you back to ferrty terminal again at only 50k; which is the cheapest of all the options you suggested.

Originally Posted by leekwantew View Post
2) Since you say the taxi ride is only 5 mins, ever tried walking from the ferry terminal to Formosa?
This one,you will have to understand Batam's traffic culture. Batam don't have many traffic lights,hence the speed for vehicle from point A to point B is faster. 5mins taxi ride can mean 20 to 30mins walk time.

And yes,i walk from Harbour Bay ferry terminal to Formosa Hotel before during the beginning of my Batam trips. Took me around 30 mins for the 1st time when I am new. The 2nd time onward still take me around 20mins. And taxi trip upon boarding until I reach Formosa hotel is only about 5 mins.

My suggestion is for the 1st 2 times,take a taxi or ojek is you are running on solo.

Originally Posted by leekwantew View Post
3) I've been trying to reconcile what you said here and what you said here, seems that the nearest to Formosa Hotel are MM, Indah2 and Happy Massage 8 and maybe Memory which do you think is best?
I believe you seen the below map. Do note that Indah 2 and New Berry is closed.

To walk to Happy 8...

...and to walk to the most other booking joint.

( Click to show/hide )

I repeat,New Berry is closed.

Originally Posted by leekwantew View Post
4) Assuming you can only chose 1 house if I say I want to go to the house with the a) prettiest girls and b) best service girls, which houses would you reccomend?
I do not recommend.

Nowadays, especially over the last 2 trips, i didn't book girls from booking joints. And if I were to assume, i can only say I am unlikely to take girls from booking joints. But if I were to bring my friends to booking joints to get girls,i will play with their mind by bringing them to the joint I think has the oldest,ugliest girls 1st before bringing them to the youngest ones.

My mind has been engraved with :

1. MM is not suitable for newbie (many girls on drugs).

2. Morena series of joints and those kost joints is not suitable for newbies looking for overnight girls.

3. Bunga is Batam most expensive booking joint whereby most of the girls were lau jiao aka old birds. Inexperience ones might get bullied. Their biggest fattest girl cost 1 juta (thats 1.5 years ago price,today may be higher).

4. Link's KTV is the 2nd most expensive booking joint whereby many girls hold very sharp knives (since they are close by to NED). NED = Nagoya Entertainment District

5. Happy 8 has the 2nd most range of girls,from old to young.

6. Permata Indah KTV is a mix of Indah 2 and New Berry girls (together with their own range of girls). And Indah has the most runaway girls. New Berry however has a fairly good mix due to their high turnover of girls (they always have new girls). As for Permata's own girls before the merger before CNY 2017,they were relatively quite zombie-like too. This legit joint currently has the most number of girls. They start at 1pm Batam time.

7. Hawaii range is quite alright except the part where they aren't quite discipline. I notice their ugliest girls also have princess sickness just becos she is young. Papi and mami dont know how to discipline their girls.

8. Sri Kandy can be as expensive as Link's and base my friends's feedback,many were old birds in this trade but still pretty alright base on their experiences.

9. Kupukupu is relatively alright. I prefer to deal with the mami than the papi who usually give me a better price and better quality of girls. (better quality girls mentioned here is define as girls that suit me)

10. Gold Bird,one of my favorite booking joint. It is also my 1st booking joint from the last 3 over years in Batam. I usually book girls from there that were not in the 'fish tank'. Most girls there has a zombie-like-characteristic and w/o GFE.

11. Memory KTV is like Bunga. Just cheaper but note that there are also many old birds there. Its also my plan B.

Of the 11 places mentioned above, there aren't any best or worst booking joints, just the most suitable for me. When i 1st started Batam,if you read my summaries, i aimed for the oldest ugliest girls.

Some of the most important things for myself during booking is :

1. Look for girls that shows interest in me (not 100% foolproof).

2. Tell OKT/s my requirements.

3. Take name card/okt's number from the places I book my girls. (I have at least 5 to 6 name cards from the same booking joint in my bag today)

4. Take girls from the middle range. Last year,i often check their lowest priced girls to their highest ranged ones. I take from somewhere in between.

5. Drop expectation by at least 50% (or more) and if luck is with me, i get 150% (and/or more) back in return. This has happened many times to me.

Note : Younger cutie girls tend to have princess sickness regardless any booking joint. I dont speak bahasa indo or malay. And keep in mind that my basic guides were written base on helping newbie survive batam for the 1st few times.

All of the above were written base on my own experience. Other bros and readers's experience may varies.

Have a good time in Batam.


PS : You have wrote a good guide on Petain in your signature link some years ago,hence i replied you as detail as possible with my full respect.

(be reminded not to quote my whole post,thank you)
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Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by beinnow View Post
Anyone organize a 3-4 person trip to batam ?

Would be nice and fits the cab properly too haha
Just walk, u save 200k of the booking fee. On a side note, bros who book from happy, please remember your gals face, fat mami tend to change your booing gal. Happen to customer who already book nofa but when we came, ask and mami give us nofa after we have ask.
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