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Re: Jakarta Info

Above Post:
Originally Posted by DaSmooth View Post
That sounds like someone who has never even tried the wechat service but has read old wives tales about them. I have actual personal experience.
I've used the service more than 100 times (various wechat ID's) and I have only had a problem 1 time
Last month Post:
Originally Posted by DaSmooth View Post
I find wechat to be about worthless. The quality of the girls is just too low. I've tried 10 girls and every one was a dud.
I already knew you were full of lies with no real credibility, but I have to present further proof of it here. One face you say you use WeChat 100 times and great experience almost every time, the other face you say you used it 10 times and a dud every time (and you said this just last month!). Which post is true and which post are you lying? How does anybody trust anything that come out of your mouth? just like to talk cock you!!!

It is very well-known that WeChat is not reliable, and has potential for scams. (see While it is possible to find some gems, it is not recommended unless you are very seasoned and know how to avoid the traps, and willing to spend time/hassle hunting, waiting for girl to arrive, and seeing if the girl match the picture or not. For someone with your self-proclaimed experienced in Jakarta, I am constantly dumbfounded by your apparent ignorance, and poor choices and recommendations. It really makes me question your motives and whether you are a stealth OKT trying to promote your own places.

I know the reason you always post here, despite the fact nobody likes you or wants you around here. It really makes me feel sorry for you. Honestly, I
if you are really that lonely, and are looking for some meaning in your life, you should really try make some real friends or take up some hobbies. Maybe you can learn how to speak Indonesian and try make some local friends to integrate into Indonesian society, instead of drinking your life away in BlokM and making posts in foreign sex sites for tourists, to find validation. Posting false and misleading information here doesn't help anybody around here, and just makes you look bad.

Note to H88: Please don't move this post to TCSS thread. It is very important that we reveal the type of character DaSmooth so that Bros can judge for themselves whether they want to trust his suspicious 'advice'.
SE Asia Traveler

DaSmooth (a.k.a Smoothy)
is an elderly American Troll/OKT who lies and provides misleading advice [click here for proof]

*pts exchange welcome, please PM me for return favor

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